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Good things about Adolf Hitler you probably didn’t know

Good things about Adolf Hitler you probably didn’t know
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There are a lot of things about Adolf Hitler you probably don’t know. Here are some good things about him:
1.    Cheap cars: Hitler was the one who proposed to build a cheap car that anybody could afford. He told the designers the car should look like Beetle. It was named KdF Wagen.OMGKAV2204-12.    Economy: Hitler was among those people who created a thriving economy with nil unemployment. OMGKAV2204-23.    Man of God: Hitler was not an atheist, although Jewish propaganda machine wants us to believe that. In his lifetime, he had made references to God many times and spoke in terms of the divinity. OMGKAV2204-34.    Stop Smoking: In the early life, Adolf Hitler was a chain smoker and used to smoke around 25-40 cigarettes in a day. But, then their came a time when he gave up smoking saying that it is total waste of money. He even promised to end smoking from military once the war is over and awarded the ones who quit it.OMGKAV2204-45.    Freeways: In Germany freeways were known as ‘autobahns’ and it was Hitler who encouraged the construction of these freeways at the time when he took over as a chancellor. OMGKAV2204-56.    Protect Animals: When Hitler’s niece committed suicide, Hitler witnessed her autopsy and felt very disgusting. As a result, he renounced meat forever and even starting discouraging others for eating meat. He even banned experimentation on animals.     OMGKAV2204-6

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