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6 Office policies that drive workers crazy

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Many offices have some policies that are so irritating. Companies don’t need to be so hard with their employees if they are achieving their targets well in time and moreover, they are grown-ups. Here are some office policies that drive workers crazy:
1.    Attendance issues: Some companies are over strict when it comes to reaching office on time. They don’t entertain employees, even if they are late just by 5 minutes. This is suffocating.OMGKAV2206-12.    Restricted Internet use: Employees do need something to relax and some little breaks in between their busy schedules. Restricted internet use is no way to increase the productivity of the company.OMGKAV2206-23.    Restrictions on mobile phone: Mobile phones should not be restricted in offices. You never know when a person’s family might face an emergency situation. Moreover, some people can give their best performance only while listening to music. The employer should not prohibit mobile phones, until he is performing great.Portrait of businessman talking on mobile phone in office
4.    No liberty of self-expression: Employees should have the right of self-expression. They should be allowed to keep their sitting space, desk their way. There is nothing wrong in sticking a motivational quote on the desk.OMGKAV2206-45.    Stupid disciplinary rules: Some companies have suffocating discipline rules as if employees are school going children. Such things make employees feel crazy.OMGKAV2206-56.    Stupid ranking: In some companies, there is no transparency when it comes to giving increment or ranking. Silly ranking system annoys employees.  OMGKAV2206-6

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