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8 ways to improve relationship with Colleagues

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Jobs are not easy as they seem to be. You have to manage a lot of things. Here are some easy ways to improve your relationship with your teammates:
1.    Active participation in conversations: Make it a point to be an active member of every conversation going on in your office. Never pretend to listen when you are not, as this might drop you in a bad situation.
2.    Applaud others: Everybody appreciates those individuals who encourage and applaud them. So always applaud your colleagues for their efforts and achievements.
3.    Accept you mistakes: If ever you make a mistake or hurt somebody, apologize immediately. It doesn’t cost anything, but can save you from a lot of mess.
4.    Stay positive: Positivity is the key to a lot of things in life. Positive attitude attracts everybody. People love to be around the ones who lead life positively, and make them look at the positive side of everything.
5.    Help others: Be kind, help those in need. Helping someone never hurts. Moreover, you never know when you might need a helping hand.
6.    Stay direct: Make it a point to clear the issues directly without being a part of any kind of gossip. If there is some misunderstanding between you and your teammate, go to him and clear it on his face.
7.    Stay in boundaries: It is very important to stay in your boundaries. Keep your personal and professions stuff apart. You must know what you to share and what to not with your office people.
8.    Have a filter: These days, people love to create mess in other people’s life. They can’t see anybody at peace, happy and love to create a mess in their life. You must have a filter in your mind and shouldn’t give importance to every other thing they say.

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