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Simple ways to impress your girlfriend

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Who doesn’t want to know the mantra to impress a girl? I am sure everybody does. Here are some easy ways to impress your girlfriend:
1.    Express your love: Girls love it when they you show them time to time how much you love them. You know you love her, but she needs regular reminders to feel it.   OMGKAV2205-12.    Respect: To girls, respect is the thing that matters a lot. You can win any girl’s heart by giving her the desired respect. She can’t compromise with their respect and likes the guys who know how to behave with girls.mid adult couple holding hands and praying3.    Surprises: Who doesn’t love surprises? Everybody does! For girls, the love for the surprises is much more that cannot be compared with anything else. Even a little surprise can make their day and make them fall for you over and over again.  OMGKAV2205-34.    Appreciate and encourage her: Everybody on this earth wants appreciation and encouragement to lead a motivating and happy life. Girls love it when their guy appreciates them.OMGKAV2205-45.    Gifts: Gifts can instantly bring a smile on the face of most girls. They love such gestures from guys.OMGKAV2205-56.    Attention: In girls’ life, the most important thing is the attention and time of their partner. They want you to notice even when a slight change takes place in their life. OMGKAV2205-67.    Spend time with her family: For girls, family matters a lot and they badly want their partner to have respect and love for their family. They love it when their partner plan an outing or spend time with her family.    OMGKAV2205-7

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