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8 Reasons People Give to Justify Their Habit of Shopping

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There is no single person on this planet who doesn’t love shopping. People do shopping when they need something, but there are some individuals who do shopping when they have nothing else to do. To justify their habit, they give some silly reasons. Here are some of them:

1. I had nothing to wear so I went shopping.
2. It was a boring day so I decided to treat my boredom; a trip to mall is the best way to heal the problem.OMGVIS0307-2
3. My friend has planned to throw a party soon and I won’t have time in future to shop.
4. I wasn’t shopping for myself. I buy things for other family members.OMGVIS0307-4

5. I had bought a pair of socks months ago and right now, nothing was matching with them.

6. My friend has arranged a theme party, so I bought a new dress.

7. I was lonely at home so I went to shopping.

8. It was sale at that mall. I bought new clothes now to save money in future.

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