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6 Ways to Make Your Man Feel Special

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If you think you can impress a man by applying romantic movies’ logic, then you have to think again. Love is different from how it is shown in movies. You know your man is caring, loving and amazing. He often makes you feel special. Now, it’s your turn to make him feel loved and special. Here are some techniques that can help you:

1. Compliment Him: Some women have misconception that only women feel special when someone compliments them. Men are also concerned about their looks. They like when a woman praises them.OMGVIS0308-1
2. Enjoy His Moves: A guy loves his freedom. To impress him, all you should do is let him live his life according to him. Enjoy his company and be happy whenever you are around him.OMGVIS0308-2
3. Flirt With Him: Most women think only men should flirt, but there is no harm if a woman flirts. If you want your man to feel special, flirt with him.OMGVIS0308-3
4. Tell Why You Love Him: Let your man know why you love him. Tell him some unique and honest reasons.OMGVIS0308-4
5. Appreciate His Efforts: If your man is trying something new, appreciate him. Acknowledge the things he does to make him feel very special.OMGVIS0308-5
6. Be Supportive: Stand by your man when he is facing some problems in his life. Don’t put pressure on him and try to make him feel relax.

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