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5 Habits That Can Ruin Your Sleep

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Do you think you are not getting enough soothing rest at night? There are many individuals around the world who complain about their sleepless nights. The reason may be your habits. Here are some of your habits that are actually keeping you away from you dream world.

1. No Strict Bedtime: If you are having sleepless nights, the reason could be that you don’t have a strict timing to go to sleep and wake up. Your body needs a proper schedule.OMGVIS0312-1
2. Too Much Internet Time: A number of teens spend too much time on Internet and develop many sleep disorders. They spend too much time on social media websites which results in sleepless nights.OMGVIS0312-2
3. Working too Much: It is good that you have a goal in your life that you want to achieve, but if you are spending too much time on your target, then you are ruining your health.OMGVIS0312-3
4. Watching Television: According to a recent study, a number of people love to watch television late night. The study found that people who spend too much time in watching TV develop chronic sleep debt.OMGVIS0312-4
5. Late Night Phone Calls: You are among people who talk on phone too much? A recent research has found that radiations of a cell phone ruin you sleep. Apart from sleepless nights, it could result in headache.    OMGVIS0312-5

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