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Strange Rituals around the World

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Every community has different rituals and rites. Rituals are a very important part of a community. There are some communities around the globe which are following strange rituals from a long time. Here are some of those bizarre rituals:

1. In Varanasi, India, there is a community of Aghori Babas who eat the dead. According to them, humans fear death and the ritual helps in overcoming the fear.OMGVIS0313-1
2. A Tamil Community of India celebrates Thaipusam Festival Piercings where many people pierce their body parts. According to members of the community, they do so to celebrate the birth of Lord Muruga.Malaysia Thaipusam
3. Some Tibetan priests follow a ritual, where they strip the flesh from the bones of a dead and then break the bones into a number of smaller pieces. After that, they leave the body on a mountain where numerous birds eat the body parts.OMGVIS0313-3
4. There is a village on an island in the Pacific archipelago where a man jumps from a long wooden tower. People tie his feet with a rope.OMGVIS0313-4
5. The Valencian town of Buñol hosts a festival, La Tomatina, where a number of people throw tomato on each other.OMGVIS0313-5
6. In northern Spain, people celebrate a festival where a man jumps over newborn babies. According to people, the ritual is performed to keep a baby safe from evils.OMGVIS0313-6

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