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6 Answers You Want to Give to Common Questions But Can’t

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You wake up in the morning and someone asks you, “Hey, you have woken up?” You don’t know how to reply, but you still say, ‘yes’. Here are some stupid questions people ask you that make no sense. You want to give answers but can’t.

1. When someone wakes you up in the mid of night and asks, ‘Are you sleeping?’ You want to answer, ‘No, I was trying to know how I look after closing my eyes.’

2. When a person asks you, ‘Why are you late in the office?’ You want to answer, ‘Because, I didn’t want you to see my face early morning’.

3. When a liar says, ‘I don’t want to listen to your excuse.’ You are like, ‘Look, who is talking’.

4. When your boss says, ‘Why are you so unprofessional?’ You answer could be, ‘Because I am your employee and I am learning from you’.

5. When your boss says, ‘I gave you just one task and you didn’t finish it yet?’ You may want to answer, ‘Seriously! just one task! I think your math is little weak’.

6. When your parents say, ‘Is there anything that you can do properly?’ You want to say lot of things.

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