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5 Differences Between A Man’s Life Before and After Marriage

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If you want to notice changes in a person, start comparing them before marriage and after marriage. Several things change when a person ties the knot. Marriage changes many things in a Man’s Life. Here are some of the differences between a man’s life before and after marriage:

1. Before Marriage: He enjoys his singlehood with his friends. For him, weekends mean party and fun with buddies.OMGVIS0316-1
After Marriage: You cannot have fun without your partner. Before making a plan for a party, you have to ask your partner whether she is interested or not.

2. Before Marriage: Before booking tickets for a movie, you don’t care what kind of movie it is; you just want to have fun with friends.

After Marriage: Before booking tickets, you have to make sure that you can watch the movie with your wife.

3. Before Marriage: Party means getting high. You can drink as much beer with your friends without any fear.

After Marriage: If you are partying, you can have just soft drinks. You don’t have the authority to get high.

4. Before Marriage: Holidays mean long trips, no responsibility and lots of places to roam.

After Marriage: Your partner is going to decide where she wants to spend her weekend. She could ask you for a visit to your in-laws.

5. Before Marriage: You are the king of your house. You can watch your favorite sport on television and eat what you want.

After Marriage: You have to watch boring daily-soaps with your wife without complaining.

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