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8 Misconceptions Foreigners Have About India

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India has several amazing things that make the country to stand apart from other countries on the planet. The country is always considered as land of mysticism and magic. People from other countries have some misconceptions about India and here are some of them:

1. In India, people speak in a number of languages, but ‘Indian’ is not a language in the country. Foreigners think people in India speak Indians.OMGVIS0315-1
2. Some foreigners have misconception that every Indian food is spicy. The reality is that there are many dishes which are without spices.OMGVIS0315-2
3. Indians don’t know how to speak English, according to some foreigners. In actual, India is the second largest populous English-speaking country.OMGVIS0315-3
4. Some people from outside India have misconception that India is a hot country. The truth is that some Indian states are considerably cold.OMGVIS0315-4
5. Many individuals from western country think Indians are poor and hungry people. The country has a number of billionaires who are in the list of top richest people in the world.
6. Some foreigners think that all Indian are vegetarian, but the fact is India is a country with many meat lovers.

7. Many people around the world think Indian men don’t know how to express their love. The truth is that Indian men know exactly how to win heart of a woman.

8. Every Indian loves cricket. But the reality is that there are many people who love football and other sports more than cricket.

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