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6 Weirdly useful skills you develop as a mother

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When a woman becomes mother she gets to know and learn a lot of things, which she never thought she could ever learn. Here are some of such weirdly useful skills you develop as a mother:
1.    Active: Once you become a mother, you get a soul who is completely dependent on you and thus, you need to stay up, active and attentive all the time because you never know when the little one might need you. OMGKAV2207-12.    Memory gets sharp: Intentionally or unintentionally, your memory gets sharp. You start remembering every little thing as you don’t know when your child would ask you about his favorite shirt, toy or anything.OMGKAV2207-23.    Better judgment of fakeness: This one is so damn true. When you become a mother, you get trained in making out who is speaking the truth and who is lying to you. You know when your child is acting about his illness just to skip the school.OMGKAV2207-34.    Multitasking: After a baby, you have to do a lot of things at the same time. You have to cook food, take care of you baby, family and maintain the cleanliness in the home etc.  Multitasking woman with multiple arms.5.    Detective: Mothers can give competition to detectives as there comes a stage in life when mothers act as them. Especially when kids become teens, mothers try to keep an eye on their every move. Strict woman waving finger6.    Better cook: No matter how bad cook you are but once you become mother you see a lot of improvement in your cooking skills. This is because kids are very choosy and for them you have to try, prepare new dishes and that too tasty.   OMGKAV2207-6

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