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Most annoying things family members do

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There are a lot of things that our family members do, but we don’t like them. Those things annoy us, but we know our family members can’t help it. Here are the most annoying things that family members do:
1.    It is so annoying when somebody takes water from the refrigerator and leaves the empty bottle inside. He/she doesn’t even refill it.
2.    Many people have a habit of stuffing trash in cushions, or throwing it under the bed or sofas. Whenever they are watching television, studying and munching side by, they just hide the empty pack somewhere instead of throwing it in the dustbin.
3.    Some people create a mess in the room while looking for something and don’t even bother to keep the stuff back at its place.
4.    There are mats placed in the front of the entrance so that you can clean your shoes before entering the house but then some people have the habit of entering the house with dirty shoes and making the whole house look like a muddy ground.
5.    It looks so unhygienic when a person leaves a wet towel on the bed after taking bath. He doesn’t even bother about the fact that the bed mattress might get spoiled.
6.    Some people have a very bad habit of not whipping the floors of the bathroom after taking bath.
7.    It is so annoying to see when somebody combs her hair and leave those fallen hair (if any) on the comb or throw them on the floor.

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