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Shocking facts that will make you look at things in a different way

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There are a lot of things around us about which we don’t have much knowledge. We look the things as were told, and not as what they really are, or were. Here are some disturbing facts that will make you look at things differently:
1.    Did you know that in the ancient times Romans used to brush their teeth by using a paste prepared by crushed mouse brains? The mouse brains were used to keep teeth clean.OMGKAV2403-12.    Many of you must be lovers of peanut butter. Well, do you know that 1 pound of the butter contains 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs?OMGKAV2403-23.    Many people around the world want to climb Mt. Everest, but do they know about the scary part of reaching there? There are more than 200 corpses on the way to Mt. Everest, and climbers use them as way points.OMGKAV2403-34.    Teeth whitening came into being from Roman. Romans used urine in the place of Listerine to whiten the teeth.OMGKAV2403-45.    Do you use expensive skin creams, facial creams? Yes? But do you know how they are prepared exactly? No? Well, foreskins of the penis are used to make these creams.OMGKAV2403-56.    This is so eww…Do you know that 15% of the air that you breathe in highly populated places like Mumbai stations or Delhi Metro etc. is human skin?      OMGKAV2403-6

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