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Ways in which your best friends are also your biggest enemies

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Everybody has best friends, but have you ever wondered how these best friends can play the role of your biggest enemies in life? No? Well here is how:
1.    When they behave so calmly in a sensible manner in front of your parents, then you get to listen to stuff from your parents. Like, beta, be like your friend; he behaves in such a nice manner. Learn something from him.
2.    When your best friends take you for granted. There are times when our closest people take us for granted unknowingly and it hurts us so much.
3.    When they insult you in the presence of known people by giving you fishy compliments. You are like, “Bhai, praise kr raha hain ya izzat uttar rha hain”.
4.    When your best friends behave in front of you like a care free person, but study all night and score better than you. Parents compare your marks with them.
5.    When your best buddies become so judgmental about your other friends and you get stuck in between, in a state of confusion.
6.    They make you wait for them for hours and to cover up they just say, “Yaar tu toh jaanta hee hain main kaisa hu.”

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