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5 Things We All Do On Social Media But Don’t Accept

5 Things We All Do On Social Media But Don’t Accept
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We live in a world where your presence on social media is more important than your real social life. Most of us spend many hours of our day on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We chat with our friends, share photos and do some other things there. Moreover, we do some silly things on these websites which we don’t accept. Here are some of those things:

1. Ask Friends to Like Our Post: We all love to have many comments and likes on our post. For that, we get help from our friends. We text them and ask them to comment on our picture.OMGVIS0319-1
2. Play Games: Many users deny that they don’t play games on social media websites, but the truth is that we all love to play them secretly. We spend some time on them when no one is watching.OMGVIS0319-2
3. Image Editing: Sometimes, you notice that people look more beautiful and attractive than they actually are; it is because they have edited their image. We all do that sometimes.OMGVIS0319-3
4. Game of Follow and Unfollow: We love to have good people in our follower list. We keep on following and unfollowing people who are not good enough to be in our list of followers.OMGVIS0319-4
5. Removing Tag: Sometimes, we wish there was no option like ‘tag’. Every day, we spend some time to remove tag on ugly pictures.    OMGVIS0319-5

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