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Weirdest dreams that can keep you up whole night

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Who doesn’t want to live in a dream world? I am sure everyone does. But at times, we see such dreams that make us spend sleepless nights. Here are some of the weirdest dreams that can keep you up whole night:

1. At times you see a dream in which you are about to die when somebody suddenly wakes you up. Such a kind of dream has a deep impact on you, as of result of which you get fear of sleeping again.OMGKAV0135-1
2. There is a dream which seems to be real to you while sleeping. In this dream, you feel as if a part of your body has fallen off. After this dream you remain in trauma for a few minutes and can’t sleep the whole night.OMGKAV0135-2
3. Dream of your parents or loved ones dying are very common. Such dreams leave you in tears in the midst of night and the fear of losing them takes your sleep away.

4. You see your lover getting married to the guy you hate the most. After such a disgusting dream, I am sure nobody can even wish of seeing any dream again.

5. Many of you must have seen the dream of someone who has died in the past sleeping beside you, playing with you, or indulged into some activity with you. Such a dream can make you believe in hallucinations.

6. Oh, yes, how can I forget this weird but common dream that every student must have seen in his/her life? Failing in the exams or getting a zero is one of the scariest and most common dreams.

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