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8 Unknown facts about Gold Mining

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Gold mining is something all of you know very well, but we are here with some unknown facts about gold mining that will leave you surprised:

1. The total amount of gold ever mined in the world is just around 152,000 metric tons, which is much lesser than the iron produced every year. In one year, world produces 907 million metric tons of iron.OMGKAV0137-1
2. As per the evidences, Gold was among the first metals to be discovered by men. It was found in 5,000 BC.OMGKAV0137-2
3. Out of the gold mined, around 63% is used in jewelry, 21% in industrial use and left 1% in dental.OMGKAV0137-3
4. Grasberg mine is the world’s largest gold mine. It is located in Indonesia. After this come Yanacocha mine located in Peru and Goldstrike mine in Nevada.OMGKAV0137-4
5. It is said that approximately 80% of the earth’s gold is still present underground.OMGKAV0137-5
6. It is estimated that Earth’s oceans have around 10 billion tons of gold buried in them.

7. South Africa produces two-thirds of the world’s gold.OMGKAV0137-7
8. At present, India with 745.7 metric tons is the world’s largest consumer of gold. After India comes China with 428.0 metric tons and United States with 128.61 metric tons.OMGKAV0137-8

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