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Things you can relate to if you always get late

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A lot of people out there are in a habit of running late. Well, in case you are one of them then, here are the things you can relate to very well:

1. You were often named in the school defaulters list for coming late to school. Getting punished for this was part of your life.
2. When you make a plan to hang out with your buddies and give them a particular time to reach, they exactly know when to reach. All they do is just add half an hour extra to it.OMGKAV0136-2
3. You are always the last one to reach, no matter how hard you try to be on time for a gathering or a party.
4. “I am reaching, on my way” is your favorite dialogue.

5. You have become used to miss the first few minutes of the flick. You never reach the movie hall on time.

6. You always make a grand entry by reaching late. When you enter all eyes are on you, as if they are saying ‘finally’.

7. You have missed many busses, trains and flights in life.

8. You lost the chance to sit for the interview in your dream company just because of not able to reach there on time.

9. You don’t get ready till the last minute and keeps on saying there is still a lot of time.

10. At times you hate yourself for getting late always, but then you can’t do anything. It is how you are.

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