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5 Difficult Questions Women Usually Ask

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What will be your answer if someone asks you, ‘what will happen tomorrow?’ You may say that it is nearly impossible to answer the question. Women ask some questions from men which are difficult to answer. Here are some of the questions:

1. Do You Really Love Me: A woman asks such questions to make sure her man loves her. The question can freak out any man. It is the time when she wants you to compliment her and tell her why you love her.OMGVIS0051-1
2. What Are You Thinking: Sometimes, men sit quite, but it doesn’t mean they are thinking of something. Women love to ask open-minded questions that’s why they ask men what they are thinking.OMGVIS0051-2
3. Do You Think I Look Fat: When a woman asks you this question, she is not asking for your opinion, but wants you to respond with ‘no’. Don’t dare to say that she looks fat even when she is little fat.

4. Is She More Beautiful Than Me: When a woman feels insecure, she asks the question. She wants you to make her feel comfortable by saying she is the most beautiful woman on the planet.

5. Don’t You Like My New Dress: Women ask the question to remind you that you are not complementing her. They want you to notice them and compliment them about their new dress.

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