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Surprising facts about Caffeine

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You can easily find a lot of coffee and tea addicts in your friend circle. They are literally addicted to tea or coffee. Here are the surprising Caffeine facts you can share with them:

1. Coffee starts working within a few minutes of consumption. It kicks in no time and gets absorbed in bloodstream. From there it moves to brain and gives you a boost.OMGKAV0138-1
2. Caffeine blocks the effect of brain’s natural regulator adenosine. It affects you much differently than beer.
3. Did you know that one teaspoon of powdered pure caffeine is equal to around 25 cups of coffee?OMGKAV0138-3
4. Caffeine doesn’t affect everyone in the same way.Senior lady blowing her hot coffee
5. Coffee has more caffeine as compared to tea and other energy drinks. Coffee has three times more caffeine than them.OMGKAV0138-5
6. Besides coffee beans, caffeine can be found in over 60 plants naturally.OMGKAV0138-6
7. Bees are also caffeine lovers. It is helpful for their brains too. Once bees stick their tongues in coffee flowers they become more productive and are able to do their tasks in a better way.

8. You can easily get addicted to caffeine and it is not at all healthy if taken in large amounts. Excess of everything is bad.
9. Caffeine can protect you from different types of cancer. As per a study coffee can low the risk of liver cancer.OMGKAV0138-9
10. In moderate amounts, caffeine can be used as a mood booster. The less caffeine you consume the better it works.OMGKAV0138-10

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