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10 Facts About Human Brain You Probably Didn’t Know

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How much you about your own brain? If you think you know everything about your brain, then you must think again because scientists are trying to learn about human brain from a long time and still they don’t know everything about the complex organ. Here are some mind-boggling facts about human brain you probably didn’t know:

1. Most part of your brain remains active even when you are sleeping. Brain is more active when you are sleeping.OMGVIS0502-1
2. You brain keeps on developing until you are a 40-year-old individual.OMGVIS0502-2
3. The gray matter of a human brain is made up of neurons. These never cells work to collect and transmit signals.OMGVIS0502-3
4. Brain transforms the information to its different parts at a speed of about 260 mph.OMGVIS0502-4
5. Your brain guzzles a large portion of your body’s total energy.OMGVIS0502-5
6. A human brain has about 100,000 miles of blood vessels in it. You can wrap the planet about four times with them.

7. A human brain doesn’t have pain receptors, which means it cannot feel anything.

8. The brain uses about 20% oxygen available in your body.

9. The energy produced by an average human’s brain can generate enough electricity to light up a bulb.

10. A human brain is capable of living for about six minutes without oxygen. After that, it starts to die.

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