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6 Things You Should Never Say to A Woman

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There are some rules that you must follow while talking to a woman. A stupid phrase used by you can push you in the midst of a fight with your woman. Here are some things you should never say to a woman:

1. Are You Sure You Are Going to Eat All That: Avoid discussing a topic related to food with a woman. If she has ordered so many things in a restaurant, don’t ask her if she is going to eat all of them.OMGVIS0503-1
2. You Look Like: Don’t even dare to compare a woman with another woman. According to women, there is no one like them; they are different from each other. If your mind says to a woman ‘you look like’, then make sure your mouth is shut.OMGVIS0503-2
3. What Are You Thinking About: Women’s brain is a Pandora’s Box and make sure you are not opening it. If you think she is thinking of something, let her think. Don’t ask her, unless you have to listen to her for hours.OMGVIS0503-3
4. You Sound Like Your Mom: It doesn’t matter how good her relationship is with her mother, don’t say that she sounds like her mom.OMGVIS0503-4
5. Calm Down: If you tell a woman to calm down, it means you are saying she is behaving strange. So, don’t even ask her to calm down, unless you will have to see opposite of it.OMGVIS0503-5
6. Are You Sure You Will Wear That: If you said this phrase to a woman, get ready to wait for one more hour as she is going to change her dress.     OMGVIS0503-6

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