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Reasons your colony friends are your friends for life

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Friends make life more beautiful just by being in it. Everybody has friends; different types of friends. Some of them are school friends, college friends, colony friends, tuition friends, and some are office friends. But not all of them are same. Here are some reasons why colony friends are your friends for life:
1.    You can depend on them even on the last moment. The amazing thing about them is that they are just a door bell away from you.
2.    They are the ones from whom you started socializing. They are the first friend circle of your life.
3.    They are your company whom you can call any time of the day to chill out or go for a walk.
4.    They know your family much more than others. Almost everything from the geography, physics, history etc. of your family is known to them.
5.    You spend more time in each other’s home than your own home. After all, you believe in, “Jo tera hai wo mera hai”.
6.    Yes, they belong to your family after all they are your expanded family members. Your families know each other very well that you even call their parents your relatives.
7.    They know every secret of your life. From childhood crush to teen affairs, they know everything about you. They were always a part of your night home sneak out plans.

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