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7 Things that damage your back

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There are a lot of activities you do without realizing the impact they can have on our body. Here are some things you are doing to damage your back without realizing it:
1.    Sitting job: Yes, sitting jobs are very harmful for your back. Sitting on a chair for a long time can have very bad impact on your back. Most of the people who suffer back problems do sitting jobs.OMG2407-12.    Stick to a constant posture for long time: Body is meant to be active and not to be just in one posture. When you stay in a particular posture for long time, it affects your health. Standing, sleeping, sitting, etc all the time can have very bad impact on your back.OMG2407-23.    Footwear: The shoes, heels, flats, etc you wear matter, matters a lot. But, not all of us realize it until we suffer from some kind of ailment. You must wear footwear that suits your feet and not go for the one just because it is in fashion.Businesswoman wearing high heels in office4.    Bad Mattress: This is one of the most common reasons of back pain. Sleeping on a bad, uncomfortable, too hard or too soft mattress affects your back badly. OMG2407-45.    Unhealthy diet: Healthy diet is must for the proper functioning of the body. If your diet is not rich in proteins, nutrients, etc, then you could suffer from different ailments, pains, weakness etc.OMG2407-56.    Poor attention to little pains: Never avoid the slight body pains as they are the indications that something is wrong. We often ignore them by saying that it is not serious but we don’t realize the impact such pains can have on our body in future.OMG2407-67.    Wrong Work out: Exercise, workouts are great but can badly affect your body if done in wrong way. You must do workout under the guidance of a trainer.    OMG2407-7

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