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Ways to survive the modern dating scene

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In today’s era, dating has become very complicated. You can’t make out whom to trust and whom to not. Well, don’t worry. Here are some kinds of advices to survive in the modern dating scene:
1.    Stay realistic: Reality check is must in today’s world. Move out of your fantasy world as in reality there are no fairy tales. Live in the reality and keep your expectations in the check.
2.    Bedroom communication: This communication is the key to survive in dating in today’s world. Sexual relationship matters a lot.
3.    No two relationships are same: Comparison is the thief of job. Two people never have same circumstances, experience, etc. and so you can’t compare them. In the same way, no two relationships are same. Every relation has its own charm, beauty, struggles, etc.
4.    Short texts: Gone are the days when a partner used to write lengthy letters, messages to express love. In today’s fast paced life, everybody wants instant things, short crisp messages.  Avoid sending your partner long messages else he will stop reading your texts.
5.    Try new things: Don’t be boring and try new things in life. To keep the relationship smooth, you need to try new things, activities, with your partner; else, it might get stuck and become boring.

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