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7 Situations You Face When You Are Friend With Someone Who Gets High Easily

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Every friend group has at least one person who gets high after second drink. Every person in the group knows that he is completely hammed except him. He will try to behave like he is totally fine. Here are some things you can relate to if you have a friend like him:

1. He promises to drink whole night, but even after two Budweisers he gets high. Your plans for the rest of the evening get spoiled just because of him.

2. You don’t get the opportunity to drink more because you have to handle him now.

3. You come to know that your evening has been spoiled and you have to be his driver.

4. Your other friends don’t make plans with you because they know that your friend will be with you and he just annoys everyone after drinking.

5. You feel every person except you in the bar is drunk. You find yourself dealing with a number of drunken individuals.

6. You try not to get high. Instead of drinking alcohol, you start drinking soda and plain water.

7. Your drunken friend gets on the dance and starts dancing weird. You are always around him to make sure he is not harming anyone.

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