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5 Common Mistakes We Do in Resumes

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Resume is an important document which is your first contact with a company. It has the ability to make or break your chances to appear in next round of a hiring process. While making a resume, we commit mistakes that can act against us. So, whether you are an expert in polishing a resume or a fresher, here are some of common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Typo or grammatical errors in your resume can kill your chances to appear for an interview. Such errors are very common while making a resume, as it’s a very tiring process. To overcome this problem, forward your resume to your friend for checking.

2. In a resume, you should include only important information. Your resume should not lose its focus. An employer must understand within 10 seconds what you are good at.

3. Some people design their resume of six pages to show the employer that they have achieved so much in life. There is no need to make your resume a book as it may bore the hiring manager.

4. Your resume demonstrates your experience, history and skills. If your resume is not showing these things, you may lose your job.

5. Some people submit incorrect information in their resume. This information could be your phone number, your email id or date. Incorrect information on resume makes it look as if made haphazardly.

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