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6 Things Women Should Not Expect From Men

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We humans have a habit of expecting several things from others. A relationship is incomplete without expectations. What are the things that should not be expected in a relationship? Here are some of the things women should not expect from men:

1. When it comes to propose to start a relationship, women always want men to take the first step. But, why it is always a man who proposes a girl all the time? Women should stop expecting men to always take the first step.
2. There is no doubt that men hate when it comes to cleaning their space. They love mess around them. They don’t like when a woman tries to be bossy and orders a man to clean his room.OMGVIS0402-2
3. Women should stop expecting from men to be around them all the time. Men have to do several things and they don’t want to be around the girls every second of the day.OMGVIS0402-3
4. Men love to watch porn and they can’t stop watching it. Women should not expect men to stop watching the thing they love.OMGVIS0402-4
5. Men hate shopping, but sometimes, they still go with women to help them, but women should not expect men to shop with them every time.OMGVIS0402-5
6. Men love to watch their favorite sport and women should not expect men not to watch the match just because they don’t like it.     OMGVIS0402-6

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