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5 Things Men Don’t Say to Each Other

5 Things Men Don’t Say to Each Other
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Men have a different kind of relationship with each other; it’s called ‘bromance’. This relationship cannot be compared with the relationship boys have with girls. In bromance, men say several things to each other, but there are some things that men don’t say to each other:

1. You Are So Handsome: Girls love to complement each other, but guys don’t. They never compliment their friend saying ‘you are looking handsome’.

2. Please Bro Don’t Get Offended: Boys know there is no need to do formalities when you are going to warn your buddy. They know the phrase ‘don’t get offended’ offends boys more than the rest of the words.

3. Can You Share Your Beer With Me: For men, beer is like a problem-solver. A man doesn’t like to share his beer with anyone and other men know it. They don’t expect a man to offer a sip of his beer.

4. I love You: You may have seen a woman saying, ‘oh honey, I love you’ to another woman, but men never say such things to each other. Saying ‘I love you’ shows that you are too emotional and men hate to express their emotions.

5. You Must Relax Dude: Instead of asking a man to ‘relax’, men say the words that can actually relax their buddy. They find way to relax their friend’s mood.

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