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7 Types of Couples We Have Around Us

7 Types of Couples We Have Around Us
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Every season is love season. The moment you step out of your room, you see many couples around you who are completely in love. Every couple is different from each other. Here are types of couples that we all know:

1. The Inseparable Couple: They are like one body with two souls. They eat together, hang out together and even breathe together. They are together every time.OMGVIS0403-1
2. The Fighter Couple: Every time you meet them, you find them arguing over an issue. They spend half of their day fighting with each other and in the other half, they clarify why they were having an argument.OMGVIS0403-2
3. The Traveler: They are always on a tour. They spend less time in their own homes and more times in other locations. Whenever you meet them, they have a story to tell.OMGVIS0403-3
4. Secret Couple: They try not to disclose their relationship. They meet secretly and talk secretly. When they are in public, they behave like they don’t know each other.OMGVIS0403-4
5. Expert Couple: This couple is always up with a relationship advice. They start giving you free advice even when you don’t ask for one.OMGVIS0403-5
6. Annoying Couple: This couple loves each other so much that they always talk about each other. They irritate people around them by doing silly things.

7. The perfect Couple: They have the kind of relationship that everyone wants to have. They look perfect when they are together.  OMGVIS0403-7

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