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6 Mistakes Not To Commit While Talking to A Woman

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Whether you are having an argument with a woman or having a casual conversation, you have to be extra careful as women are expert in picking up small mistakes. These are the mistakes than men don’t notice while talking to women, but women do. Here are some of the mistakes:

1. We all know that women are not good listeners and they probably know that. But, you should never tell this thing to a woman. While talking to a woman, try to involve in the conversation instead of cribbing.
2. There are possibilities that during a conversation, you will find a woman talking senseless, but don’t tell her that she is dominating. Listen to her and then reply her.

3. When a woman is talking, listen to her and prepare your answer. Make sure you are talking loudly. Sometimes, men don’t speak clearly when they are confused.

4. In the process of proving your point, don’t make the girl feel less important. Make sure the conversation is between two persons and you are not the only one who is speaking.

5. A conversation means sharing your thoughts with others. Share your view, but don’t argue with a woman. Remember, it’s a conversation and you will have enough time to prove your point.

6. Women think men who don’t make eye contact during conversation are liars. Make sure you are making eye contact with the woman you are talking to.

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