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7 Things you must know about Your ‘Mr. Right’

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There are a lot of misconceptions we all have about who is the ‘Mr. Right’. We often consider different parameters to judge a person whether he is the ‘Mr. Right’ or not. Here are some things that you must know about him:
1.    Existence: The most important thing you must know is that ‘Mr. Right’ actually exists. There are a lot of people out there who can be called ‘Mr. Perfect’ as they are quite near to what a woman wishes for in life.OMGKAV0924-12.    Nobody is perfect: Nobody is perfect in this world and so is your ‘Mr. Right’. You need to work together with your partner in order to bring perfection in your life.OMGKAV0924-23.    He is also looking for His ‘Ms. Right’: It is not that only you are looking for Mr. Perfect as even guys out there want to have a ‘Ms. Perfect’ in their life. It is all about accepting the person the way he is and moving in life together.Teenage Couple at Fast Food Restaurant --- Image by © Kevin Dodge/Corbis4.    Don’t rush: Don’t rush to choose a ‘Mr. Perfect’ in your life. You need to keep patience in order to get the best. Your ‘Mr. Right’ will enter your life at the right time. Don’t rush or you will fall into trouble.OMGKAV0924-45.    He appreciates you: He knows the value of appreciation and appreciates his partner.  OMGKAV0924-56.    Respects you: Your ‘Mr. Perfect’ knows the value of respect. He knows that if a person wants respect, he has to give respect first. Respect is earned and can’t be received forcefully.42-37671025
7.    You feel safe: In the company of Mr. Right, you feel safe- both physically and emotionally. You know if you will fall in life, he will pick you up. Property release:, Model release: A D | date created: 2007:01:04

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