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Signs the man you love actually deserves you

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Many a times, we get into a relationship in a rush and regret later. We feel that our man don’t deserve us. Here are the signs the man you love actually deserves you:
1.    He feels honored to have you in his life. He is proud to have you in his life and knows your value. OMGKAV2410-12.    He has no issues with the number of pictures you share on your social media accounts and feels happy to see you happy.OMGKAV2410-23.     He gives you more importance than his sports and video games. You are not like a video game for him.OMGKAV2410-34.    With you, he doesn’t feel that he is missing hangouts with his buddies. He doesn’t consider you as a detective who spy on him, rather understands that it is your care.IMG_86715.    He gives your example to his male friends and tells them that committed relationships are better. OMGKAV2410-56.    He doesn’t measure his self-worth on the basis of how many times he is able to show himself superior to you. Rather, he measures his worth by how happy you are with him. OMGKAV2410-67.    You are a part of his every plan. He never plans anything without you after all he knows that you both have to lead life together, and not alone.      OMGKAV2410-7

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