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10 Small Things That Will Bring True Essence of Happiness

10 Small Things That Will Bring True Essence of Happiness
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You may have heard people saying that real happiness lies in small things. You can buy expensive cars, bikes and many other things to make yourself comfortable, but you cannot buy happiness. Here are some of the small things that can give you a feeling of happiness:
1.    When you are listening to a radio and suddenly RJ plays your favorite song. OMGVIS0901-12.    After spending eight hours in office, you come to home and find that your mother has cooked your favorite dish.OMGVIS0901-23.    Meeting an old friend after a long time. OMGVIS0901-34.    When your boss says “you have an extra day to finish your project”.OMGVIS0901-45.    You are outside a mall and the parking is packed with vehicles. There is a long streak of vehicles whose drivers want to park their cars; suddenly, you find a perfect place to park your vehicle. OMGVIS0901-56.    When you come to know that there is a public holiday after weekend. OMGVIS0901-67.    When your father says that he is proud of you. OMGVIS0901-78.    When your boss appreciates your efforts in front of your seniors. OMGVIS0901-89.    When your lover visits you just to say ‘I love you’.OMGVIS0901-910.     When someone gifts you the exact thing that you were planning to buy from a long time. OMGVIS0901-10

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