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7 Bitter Truths About Corporate Life

7 Bitter Truths About Corporate Life
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When you enter an organization, you actually enter a place where your seniors expect you to be a good employee and you want your company to give you a satisfactory pay. Before enrolling in corporate life, we think being a part of an organization means achieving the biggest milestone of life. In reality, corporate life is more stressful and less rewarding.  Here are some bitter truths about corporate life:

1. The company will make you feel that you need it more that it needs you. After some time, you start believing that you are in need and not the company.
2. Spending more than eight hours in office and doing desk job kills your creativity.OMGVIS0409-2
3. If you are a perfect employee, you will have more work to do than other employees.OMGVIS0409-3
4. Your progress doesn’t matter; all that matters is the performance of your team and its contribution to the organization.OMGVIS0409-4
5. You will realize that you are working just to earn money and not to learn anything.OMGVIS0409-5
6. Meeting doesn’t solve a company’s problem. People talk about big plans in the meeting and apply none of them.OMGVIS0409-6
7. There will be some people around you who never help you and try to pull you down.      OMGVIS0409-7

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